Safety tips for Fatigue

Safety tips for Fatigue

Posted by Calolympic Safety on 2nd Nov 2021

Fatigue (delayed-onset muscle soreness) is a common complaint among workers, particularly those who work in jobs that require prolonged standing or high amounts of sitting or walking.

Working can be very tiring and may cause strains on the body. Here are some tips on staying safe and full of energy during and after the job is done.

Tip #1: Keeping Hydrated!

Keeping hydrated is important for the body and plays a role in how fatigued you can feel throughout the day. It has been recommended by the CDC to drink things with electrolytes.

Tip #2: Protect Your Back.

Lifting improperly can cause you to use more back muscles and feel more tired. after a long day at work (and may also cause back injuries)

Pro tip! Bend at your knees, not your back!

Here are some products that can help:

Tip #3: boots and insoles

Walking or standing all day can leave you exhausted and make your feet hurt but having the proper shoes and adding insoles to them will go a long way.

Products that help: MEGA Comfort’s, the personal Anti-Fatigue Mat is a real-life practical manifestation of this vision. This dual-layered memory foam insole is used to achieve self-customizing optimal shock absorption and comfort.


Tip #4: Stretch!

Taking a few minutes out of your day to stretch will help your muscles and blood flow. This can decrease how tired you feel.

Pro tip! Be careful not to injure yourself while stretching.

These are just a few safety tips.

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